Since Rhyme Immemorial

"We're Still Here" HipHop Documentary (Free April10-21/2020) 

Siyayes (Dear People),

A new Indigenous HipHop documentary entitled "We're Still Here" by Bob Gliner and Professor Brad Porfilio has been released for free from April 10 - 21, 2020 on Vimeo. 

"Through their music, First Nation indigenous Hip Hop artists in Canada lead an effort to right long standing social injustices, heal personal traumas, and preserve their cultures in a cutting edge look at how Hip-Hop plays an important role in transforming the lives of musicians. their audiences and communities."

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Colouring Pages by Ostwelve 

I hope this message finds you all in wellness and safety during these times of uncertainty. 

I appreciate your support and interest in what I do, and I hope together we can make it through and beyond.

On my other website, I have posted some colouring pages of various difficulties and topics. 

More will be posted as they are made available. I'd love to see what you create. 

There's also some stuff for kids + big kids there too. 

Stay safe and thanks for your support.

Ostwelve Music + Social Distancing 

Hello Dear People,

I hope this message finds you tucked away with good people, animals, food, arts, music or whatever you need to be safe and comfortable during these trying times. It's been a blast of a year with work, facilitation and having a baby (who just turned 1!) I wish I got to do more updates on this site and blog more. As things settled down for our family after a move and the couple of months of settling in...I've been working to arrange my music catalog for sharing.

Over the couple of…

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"No Reservations" at Crazy 8's 2017 

In February of 2017, I joined a team for the Crazy 8's festival to create a film in 8 days on a limited budget. I was given about 14 hours to create an original score for the film. The film's plot would look at what it might look like if an Indigenous nation put a pipeline through a rich, non-Indigenous neighbourhood. The cast is full of familiar faces including our good friend Lorne Cardinal. I spent a LONG session at the studio in Kitsilano in front of a screen composing to picture. I remember going in at…

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12-12-12 w/ Hellnback + Crew. 

A few months ago, my bro Hellnback got a hold of me for this MASSIVE work he was putting together for this cypher featuring: Hellnback · Rukus45 · Cypha Diaz · Len Bowen · Fresh IE · SouFy · EarthChild · Phrase Frazier · Snotty Nose Rez Kids · Illmask · Hyper T · DirtBag Dan · Ostwelve   With only 12 bars to know I had to get involved in this one. Don't forget to cop Hellnback's album #Fourteen91 here:


#SinceRhymeImmemorial - My First Studio Track (1995) 

This is remembering WAY back when. I can't really remember how I met SPL aka Darian Obey. Anyways we hung out. Wrote some stuff. Ended up in a studio. At Columbia Academy. Recording on analog tape. We were doing it for real. That's how we felt about it anyways. This track was created by SPL aka Darian and was his concept. I just threw my verse on it. We then ended up getting it on the radio. Below are the track and the radio interview I did around that time with Gunargie O'Sullivan on the "When Spirits… Read more

Ostwelve at Artswells...kinda rhymes hey? 

I had a GREAT time at Artswells Festival in Wells BC from August 4th-7th. I travelled up a day early on the 3rd. I got to hangout and fall asleep underneath the stars. Was very lovely. I was joined up there by Janet Rogers, who linked the show, Kym Gouchie, Csetkwe, Ta'Kaiya Blaney, Kalilah Rampanen, Kasp and Mob Bounce. We had a pretty deadly squad with some awesome supporters as well. The festival is held RIGHT in the town of Wells, an old mining town near Barkerville. My campsite was in Barkerville at… Read more

Since Rhyme Immemorial: Blog/Media Series 

Not EXACTLY A New Beginning... Oh hey! Now it begins, this new culture of writing a blog. I've been thinking on this for some time. What would I write? What matters? Will people read it? Will people just want to destroy it? Blah blah blah and all kinds of other chatter. But...since things have been rolling along...I figure it's time to unleash it. "Since Rhyme Immemorial" This blog/media series will focus on my love for the art of rhyme and performance. I once sat in a room, broken-hearted, kinda broke… Read more