"No Reservations" at Crazy 8's 2017

In February of 2017, I joined a team for the Crazy 8's festival to create a film in 8 days on a limited budget. I was given about 14 hours to create an original score for the film. The film's plot would look at what it might look like if an Indigenous nation put a pipeline through a rich, non-Indigenous neighbourhood. The cast is full of familiar faces including our good friend Lorne Cardinal. I spent a LONG session at the studio in Kitsilano in front of a screen composing to picture. I remember going in at around 5:00pm and leaving at around 7:30am the next morning with filed uploading.

The film was written and directed by Trevor Carroll and produced by Ben Mallin.
You can check out the website for the film hereand check out the IMDB page here.

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