Ostwelve Music + Social Distancing

Hello Dear People,

I hope this message finds you tucked away with good people, animals, food, arts, music or whatever you need to be safe and comfortable during these trying times. It's been a blast of a year with work, facilitation and having a baby (who just turned 1!)...so I wish I got to do more updates on this site and blog more. As things settled down for our family after a move and the couple of months of settling in...I've been working to arrange my music catalog for sharing.

Over the couple of decades I've been making music, I've amassed a good number of tracks on various projects released and unreleased. Some of those were on various platforms like Reverbnation or Soundcloud as unofficial releases and others were compiled on album projects and EP releases.

Recently I have gathered most of what I could from the archives I've left after a couple hard drive losses and laptop thefts and assembled them on the site.

Tracks span from 1990's through to 2018. They've been made free for streaming and downloadable by donation. 

There are a couple more releases that are being put together for sharing as well some new demos for the new works.

Spoken word pieces I've written and recorded are also available on the Spoken Word page.

I will share new tracks and some remixes coming soon. 

I hope this can help you shave a couple hours off of the difficult times of distancing as well give the supporters of my music something to listen to easily.

Leave a tip if you feel inclined. 

Thanks for all your support and I am always grateful for all of your listening and interest.


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