Since Rhyme Immemorial: Blog/Media Series

Not EXACTLY A New Beginning...
Oh hey!
Now it begins, this new culture of writing a blog. I've been thinking on this for some time.
What would I write? What matters?
Will people read it?
Will people just want to destroy it?
Blah blah blah and all kinds of other chatter.
But...since things have been rolling along...I figure it's time to unleash it.
"Since Rhyme Immemorial"
This blog/media series will focus on my love for the art of rhyme and performance.
I once sat in a room, broken-hearted, kinda broke, confused and questioning what it was I was going to do with the rest of my career. I had plans of going back to school to become a marketer and transforming my freelance design work into a marketing and promotional firm of sorts. But the more I researched and learned about the marketing world, the more I came to understand how much I don't enjoy much of that world. Conversions and sales and metrics and analytics and blah blah blah. There was a point when I made the decision to heal my heart and being giving space to the things that activate my being the most. On the top of that list was rap, rhyme, lyricism, flow, freestyle, spitting, dropping bars or whatever you want to call it, this art, this art form, this physical/mental/spiritual act of expression had changed my life in so many ways...I came to wonder: "Why the frigg am I quitting this?!"
So I've been giving space to it everyday since. Many great things have happened and many lovely shifts have come to my world. While going over my career and work in my brain/memory, I started to look at and analyze some of the works I had done and gone back and listened to some tracks I had created and began recording a podcast/stream of consciousness remembering my entry points to rap/rhyme and my pathway to right here, right now.
So...that's what's coming up. I'll package some of the podcast stuff and write some insights. I hope to be able to share some understanding about the art form and what it means to me at this level of understanding and from this point in what we know to be time + space.
Thanks for your continued support. If you're here reading're awesome.
Much Love,

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